I have been blessed with the opportunity to make music for most of my life. Over 17 years of studying and playing music has been nothing short of unforgettable. From an early age, I was fascinated with the compositional aspect of music and quickly discovered my passion for writing.

Though my focus is on composing for all kinds of media, I have an extensive background in playing. Learning to be proficient on various instruments has definitely contributed to my compositions, and using each instrument appropriately. You can hear some of the end results in my most recent works.

I’ve had the pleasure in participating in programs that provided the opportunity to study with some of the best film composers in the industry including Bruce Broughton, Donn Wilkerson, Jim Dooley, Elizabeth Sellers, Ed Kalnins, Perry La Marca, and others. In 2016 I interned at Remote Control Productions with Dominic Lewis, learning and understanding more about the craft that I love, while also being a part of an amazing team.

My scores have been featured in independent and short films, animations, web series’, theater productions, commercials, and apps/video games. My work has been heard in film festivals around the world, such as in LA, New York, Texas, France, among others. Some of my scores have been featured in shorts that have aired on ShortsTV and DirecTV, and select theaters. I absolutely love what I do and am always eager to be a part of the next project. Every project reinforces my passion for creating art, and no project I work on receives less attention than any other.

Recently I have finished up a score for the popular EDM festival “Something Wicked”, and awaiting to begin work on a couple feature films, “Sorority Row Vampires” and “Touch My Heart”. They’re both currently filming, so be sure to check them out!

The exploration of learning various instruments has proven to be invaluable in achieving a high level of quality in my compositions.