From an early age, I’ve been absolutely fascinated with music. As I feel many can relate, music made a huge impact on me, and to this day I just can’t get enough. Over 18 years of studying and playing music, has been nothing short of a dream come true. However, music wasn’t the only art form to captivate me. When I wasn’t eagerly looking for new music to experience and learn, I was often getting lost in films that took me somewhere new, somewhere I’ve never been and will probably never be. Music and film have both always been my escape, my passions, and my obsessions. So, it’s only natural I wanted to do something involving both of them; I’ve always wanted to write music for film. I couldn’t possibly be any happier knowing that I am.

I’ve had the pleasure in participating in programs that provided the opportunity to study with some of the best film composers in the industry including Bruce Broughton, Donn Wilkerson, Jim Dooley, Elizabeth Sellers, Ed Kalnins, Perry La Marca, and others. I’ve also been a part of some wonderful and amazing teams, such as working with composer Dominic Lewis at Hans Zimmer’s studio Remote Control Productions on the feature film “Money Monster” starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. As well as working on “Marvel’s Inhumans” on ABC, and many more.

My scores have been featured in independent and short films, feature films, animations, web series’, theater productions, and commercials/ads. Films I’ve scored have been heard in film festivals all around the world, in places like LA, New York, Texas, and most notably the Cannes Film Festival in France. I absolutely love what I do and am always eager to be a part of the next project. Every project reinforces my passion for creating art, and no project I work on receives less attention than any other, which is why I’m very careful when committing to new projects.

Recently I have finished an original score for the film “Supermen: World War” by director Donald Callahan, and awaiting to begin work on a couple feature films currently in production. I’m never too busy to discuss a new project, or just chat about music or film in general, so don’t be afraid to contact me!

The exploration of learning various instruments has proven to be invaluable in achieving a high level of quality in my compositions.